Removed a new doll from a box and got shocked by the quality of her hair?
Tried a new hairstyle on your doll and now her hair is a disaster?
Or took a good care of your doll, but her hair look frizzy anyway?

Nobody likes frizzy and messy dolls hair!

So here's a solution-BOIL WASHING.
Firstly it's a completely safe way to fix your dolls hair, as it's not a hair straightener which can melt your dolls hair easily. It wont do any harm to your dolls hair.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS EXAMPLE. This is Bratz Movie Starz Yasmin doll. I tried a fancy Bolllywood hairstyle with braids on her and left it for a week, so you can imagine the way her hair looked like.. Yeah, you can actually see it on BEFORE picture!..


So here it is. Frizzy and messy.

So you see the difference! Her hair's never been so straight and silky. That's what boil washing is!

-a comb
-a shampoo
-a conditioner
-boiled water

Step 1:
Rinse your dolls hair with a boiled water.

Step 2:
Wash her hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner.

Step 3:
Rinse dolls hair with a boiled water till there's no conditioned in it.

Step 4:
Comb dolls hair and let it dry. You can use a blowdryer.

IMPORTANT: Make small breaks when you rinse dolls hair with boiled water.

It's DONE!

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